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About Quad Garden Route:

Quad Garden Route operate Nature- and Family Friendly tours and trails throughout the Garden Route and Little Karoo. We are based in the city of George in the Garden Route.

If you are looking for Racing or Enduro-style tours - our guided tours are not for you.

We are dedicated to enjoying and preserving the environment through responsible and sustainable tourism activities while having a positive influence on nature and those around us.

Through our close working relationship with Cape Nature Conservation we have managed to secure concessions to conduct small guided trips into protected (Conservation) areas. This is a privilege and not a right.

We also strive to increase public awareness through educating clients on our guided tours and trips as well as to encourage responsible outdoor practices to insure outdoor recreational opportunities are open, accessible and well preserved for years to come.

We always do an Induction & Safety Briefing before we embark on any guided trail or tour where the rules, how to operate the quad and other topics you would need to know are covered. The guide will also explain and demonstrate the start, starting-off, handling and breaking procedures before every tour starts. You will also always be supplied with a helmet and goggles for your own safety. No helmet - No Ride.

During the tour our Guides will always stop, explain and demonstrate how to negotiate any difficult obstacles before you get to it. You don't need any previous experience. Our quads were also specifically chosen for their excellent safety features like front brush guard and full floorboards.

We do not race. The guides will always keep the group at the speed of the SLOWEST person - as we believe that nobody should be forced to operate outside of their capabilities.

Safety First: If you endanger yourself or anyone else in the group the guide will immediately end the tour and if deemed serious confiscate the quad key.

Our Guides: All our guides are experienced guides with the relevant qualifications and/or certificates. They all are Level 3 First-Aiders passionate about safety, people and nature.

We encourage taking as many pictures as you can so can share your nature experience with others.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

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